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Partnership with Parents
We value working with parents at CreaKids, ensuring that parents have all the information theyrequire about class schedules, events and facts about early years education communicated tothem. If parents have any enquiries, please do reach out to us and we will do what we can tohelp! This is supported through the Educore app that we use as a communication tool.
We work closely with parents to establish a strong relationship based on mutual understanding – ensuring that we work in the best interests of your child!
We maintain an open and honest line of communication, sharing vital information forthe benefit of children and their growth. 
Parent involvement plays an important role in a child’s early years learning curve and we offer many opportunities for parents and wider family members to play a role in the children’s learning. We welcome support at events – international day, national day, festive fun and field trips, to name a few. 

Ben And Kirsty - Pre-K Class Parents

We are new to Dubai and our priority was to find a good setting for our little man. CreaKids is the perfect setting and watching our son grow here has been amazing. He has developed faster here than his old school in the UK. The staff are so welcoming and the attention to detail has been so good!! Thank you so much for everything and we cannot recommend you enough!

Khadija - Pre-K Class Parent

We love CreaKids, It’s almost a year since my daughter joined. She was a quite timid- keeping herself most of the times. But honestly since joining the nursery she has changed to a happy outgoing girl. She knows how to express herself more. I can never be more grateful to her teachers and all the staff at school. This is a safe, happy and lovely place – it’s a little HEAVEN for our kids. Thank you all so much!

Oylum And Tim - Preschool Parents

Thanks to Mrs. Nudrat first and then the school management. We were very happy with all the efforts you showed for our son. You guys rock! I love his Learning Journey book and appreciate all the time you put in for our son. Best Wishes!

Leen - Preschool Parent

The year is ending soon and we are so sad we are leaving. It was one of the best years for my son. He enjoyed every single bit of it. He was eager to come and play every day. The mess, the fun, the adventures and the friendships he made are unforgettable. Thank you Ms. Rekha, Ms. Margie and Ms. Zenat, Ms. Cheyserr and to all. Thank you CreaKids for this wonderful year! Thank you Lara!

Preschool Class Parent

We are new to CreaKids and we already love it. Our little one is so excited to come to nursery every morning and loves his teachers. The staffs are so lovely and supporting and we immediately knew that CreaKids was the right choice. We are looking forward to the rest of the year! Thank you so much!

Batia - Toddler & Pre-K Class Parent

I’m amazed for how kids enjoyed coming here, all the learning and fun they have. I’m also impressed for the high level of teachings and skills of the teachers and rest of the staff – All of you are AWESOME. I’ve never imagined that a nursery can be this amazing job. Thanks for this year!

Adele - Toddler Parent

Dear All, Happy Summer! I wanted to get in touch to say a massive thank you to all of you for looking after my son and being so loving and caring to him. He is absolutely flourishing under your care and guidance and for that I am truly thankful! I have so much Mummy guilt for never being able to drop him off or pick him up, but he absolutely idolises all of you and when we talk at the end of the day, his face lights up when I ask him about Ms. Kita! So.. thank you for all you do to care and nurture my sweetie little boy. Have a wonderful break and good Summer!

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