“Childhood Then and Now: Going down Memory Lane” by Amie Marie Tan

Sudden thoughts, immense emotions, vivid feelings… What do you feel when you think of your childhood moments? Everyone has quite a clear picture of those memories and how it impacted us. It’s one of the best stages in our lives indeed.

Back in the 90’s when I was in Pre-School, I can still remember how I proactively participated in activities like who wants to lead the prayer? Anyone who wants to recite a short poem?  Who can show the class how to properly do jumping jack? These are just few of the classroom vibes when I was a child. The school is focused on the traditional set-up of learning with all those ABCs and 123s with minimal plays inside the classroom. We can use the playground during physical education time every Friday and after school hours when my mom would normally pick me up.

Years passed and that little child has grown with a totally different perspective. Before, childhood “Play” to me was just after class, at home, every weekend or during P.E time only. Never have I thought that “Play” can create a tremendous impact to a child’s development. “Play based learning” will not only make a child happy or have fun, but it will also prepare him to become the best version of himself in the future because it will enhance his motor skills, nurture his language, unleash his creativity and develop his physical, and social-emotional abilities. 

Now I know what type of education I will give my child once I have one =)

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