“Kindergarten” by Lara Hudson

In Norway, Kindergarten’s known as ‘Barnehage’ are valued by parents, the Government, professionals and organisations. International and Norwegian research have shown the impact on a child’s development of a high -quality Kindergarten. In 2011, 89.5% of children under 5 were in Kindergartens, 96.5% of these were aged between 3-5 years of age.


The word “kindergarten” can be seen as a metaphor: in a “garden” the child shall have good conditions for growing, maturation and learning.

The first Kindergartens were influenced by Freidrich Froebel. Froebel’s main idea was that the children should be stimulated to motoric and intellectual development. The child was to be seen with new eyes, there was to be a transition from teaching to play, from ‘training’ to practical work to stimulation of skills, physically, socially and emotionally.

We still recognize this ideological foundation in CreaKids today, with our focus being on the child, the childhood’s importance (making memories) and attention to play and enjoyment as important elements in a child’s development.

It was quickly determined that work in the Kindergartens now needed more than ‘motherly love’ and as such importance was placed on holding qualifications to support the children’s development through the new play based, hands on curriculum. At CreaKids we place emphasis on having highly qualified and skilled practitioners in our classrooms supporting the children every day.

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