Tips for Parents – Potty Training by: Nicola Delaney

Tips for Parents – Potty Training

We believe that every child is unique and will progress at different stages.  Whilst some children start toilet training as young as 18 months, some may not until they are 3 years of age….and that is also ok!  At CreaKids we believe in encouraging and supporting a child through their own pace and not pushing a child into anything they aren’t ready for emotionally or physically.  There are a few clues to look out for and so this article will hopefully help you with the process of toilet training your little one:

Talk about the Process

Language is crucial in child development and starts in the heart of the home.  Conversations about pee pee and poo poo on the toilet or potty normally start as young as 12-18 months, when a child may show an interest in what you are doing or simply following you to the toilet!  Embrace these teachable moments as you will be surprised how much your little one will already understand.  Show the child how you go to the bathroom and talk them through the process.  Have a potty or training seat already set up in the bathroom and read books together about the next phase.  Some great book recommendations are:

  • On My Potty – Leslie Patricelli
  • I Want My Potty – Tony Ross
  • A Potty for Me – Karen Katz
  • Pirate Pete – Potty

How will you know if your child is ready for toilet training?

This can be a difficult question as all children develop at different stages, however there are a couple of signs that may show that they are ready:

  • Pulling at their nappy or expressing a need for the toilet with words
  • Hiding to do a poo poo
  • Asking for their nappy to be changed
  • Asking to sit on the potty or toilet
  • Starts having dry nappies during the day and realizes when they need to go

What will you need for potty training?

We always advise to start potty training over a calm weekend or on a break from nursery so that you can give your full attention to your child.  You may need to spend the first few days at home when you are first setting the foundations for toilet training and try not to plan many trips out in case of little accidents.

In preparation you will need:

  • Potty or Toilet Seat
  • Steps if using a Toilet Seat so they can easily access the height of a normal toilet
  • Plenty of pants or knickers
  • Pull up diapers
  • Wipes
  • Stickers for rewards
  • Books

How else can you support the process?

Remain calm!  It is bound to be a strange time for the child and a messy one maybe for mummy and daddy, however that’s ok.  This is why we advise you to try the training over a holiday or a break from nursery so that you are all in a familiar place, and the child can have accidents without feeling embarrassed.

  • Keep talking and asking them throughout the day about if they need a pee pee or poo poo
  • Get excited when they do a wee wee or poo poo and praise them for trying
  • Reward them with a sticker and show them affection after they’ve used the potty or toilet
  • Use a toilet training song to make it fun and help remind children of the process
  • Let the child be as independent as possible
  • Remain calm when there are set backs.  The most important thing is that they feel safe and secure.
  • Don’t make a fuss over smelly poo poo’s or accidents outside of the potty and always tell your child it’s ok
  • If your child is finding it too stressful, stop and start another time.  There is no rush!

When you have begun toilet training with your child at home, it is vital that you inform your child’s teacher so that we can support the process here at CreaKids. Our bathrooms are purpose built for little ones and we have years of experience with toilet training but need open communication between home and nursery.  A full copy of our Potty and Toilet Training policy can be requested at any point.

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