Tips for Parents – Starting Nursery by Nicola Delaney

Starting nursery is a super exciting time for you and your child, however it can also be an anxious time, met with anticipation and wonders of how your little one will settle into their new, engaging environment.  At CreaKids we recognise that this transition is an important milestone and have listed some tips to help you get on your way:

1.Talk about starting Nursery at Home

Having the family conversations at home about nursery are certainly recommended in advance to starting nursery.  You will be amazed at how much your little one understands already and as time progresses the positive language associated with nursery will soon prepare them and so that they gradually become more prepared and understand what’s happening.  Books are a fabulous way of sharing language and helping conversations, some of our favourite stories are:

  • Pirate Pete – I am Starting Nursery
  • Princess Polly – I am Starting Nursery
  • Maisy Goes to Nursery
  • Spot Loves Nursery

2.  Visit the Nursery

Whilst actual physical visits are not possible due to the restrictions, we highly recommend that you and your child attend a virtual tour of the nursery.  The tour will show you the lots of new places in and around the nursery and allow the child a chance to see their new class.  It is also recommended to have a drive out to the nursery and get used to the building and car park.  We love people passing by and waving as you do as it will help the child to see our front desk staff instead of us being totally new on day one. 

At the beginning of a new academic year, we will also organize a meet and greet zoom session with your teacher so that your child is familiar with their class teacher.  We will also send you introductory videos to watch at home, including videos from the rest of the team and even send some sing along and storytelling videos so that you can be getting used to some of our favourites!  We will also arrange an actual meet and greet morning that happens before the first day of attending nursery.  Details of this will be sent to you prior to joining along with a list of what to bring on your first day.

3.Start a Daily Routine

Routine is key for all children (and adults!) and is important for children to understand what is happening next.  Having a routine at home makes it easier to have a routine at nursery and we find that the children soon adapt if they have experienced one before.  A simple bedtime routine is a good a start, maybe reading a book on going to nursery, taking a nice bath and having some milk before a good night’s sleep.  Before you know it, the child will soon adapt to the daily routines of nursery, dinner, family time and sleep.

4.Prepare a Healthy Lunchbox

Start the day off with a nutritious breakfast to help maintain your child’s energy through what will be a busy and tiring day at nursery.  Throughout the day the children time to sit and eat with friends and it is important that we form healthy eating habits that can be talked about as part of the child’s learning.   Encourage your child to help you pack a healthy lunchbox and decide what food they would like to eat at nursery.  They are more likely to eat more and understand the value of healthy food if they are involved in the process.

5.Relax and Enjoy the First Day

Emotions and excitement are natural feelings in the build up to the first day of starting nursery.  It is important that mummy and daddy are as calm and as positive as possible, even though you will most probably shed a little tear on your child’s first day.  However, to help your child feel more relaxed, it is a good idea to remain calm and keep the drop as simple and as quick as possible.  A child can pick up on nervous energy or body language so give them a kiss and a hug, explain that you will always come back and send them off with a huge, big smile.  We will take care of the rest!

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